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Lene Marlin (250x214)Lene Marlin single release hastened

Publisert: 07/21/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The release of Lene Marlin’s first single in four years has been hastened due to massive demand. Listen to a preview of Marlin’s upcoming "You weren’t there" single here.

The first taster from Lene Marlin’s upcoming album “Another Day”, the “You weren’t there” single was originally scheduled for a radio-release on July 29 in Norway. It was intended to release the single earlier in France and Italy due to the upcoming holiday season that would preclude a radio playlisting until late August.

Due to massive demand from North-European media and fear that Internet piracy would lead to the single being spread before its intended release, Marlin’s record company, EMI/Virgin Norway elected to hasten the release of “You weren’t there” from the originally scheduled July 29 to July 21.

Lene Marlin’s “Another Day” album is scheduled for release on September 22.

You can listen to a short snippet of Lene Marlin’s “You weren’t there” here.

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