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Elvis Costello (113x125)Sondre Lerche to support Elvis Costello

Publisert: 07/07/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


One of wunderkid Sondre Lerche’s dreams is about to come true as the young Bergen songwriter is set to support the elder master at upcoming Canadian shows.

Over the last year, Sondre Lerche has steadily built up his reputation in the US through touring, media appearances and the release of his debut album “Faces Down” (Astralwerks).

Earlier this summer, Lerche completed a very successful North American tour with acclaimed UK songwriter Ed Harcourt. The two performers hit off well and seem to have struck a friendship during their US/Canadian tour. Pictures and tour reports can be found at the official Lerche site.

Lerche will soon hit the North American roads again, this time as a support act for one of his long standing idols and role models: Elvis Costello. Time and again, Lerche has expressed his respect and admiration for the elder veteran, and now he has an opportunity to show what he has learnt from Costello.

Lerche will support Elvis Costello and the Imposters for three Canadian dates in late July. For an overview of the dates and venues, click on the links below.

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