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Førde Folk Music Festival

Publisert: 07/02/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


This week sees the folk/ethnic/world/crossover crowd congregating at the Førde Folk Music Festival to experience some of the best acts these wildly varied genres have to offer. Read MIC’s profiles on the central Norwegian performers.

The Førde Folk Music Festival is now in its 13th consecutive year, and holds a position as one of Scandinavia’s most central folk/ethnic/world/crossover festivals. Each past festival has had a certain geographical region as a focus – this year the main attention is centred on music from Europe. European voices is the title of a project that is run in collaboration with European Broadcasting Union which has chosen the Førde Festival as hosts for its 24th folk music festival.

The Førde festival doesn’t limit itself to feature only European performers. This year’s festival includes ensembles and performers from among other countries Argentina, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, China and Mali. Highlights include Badenya les Frères Coulibaly from Burkina Faso, Ensemble Kabul form Afghanistan and Thaa Drum Orchestra from Sri Lanka.

The Norwegian folk music scene is represented by a selection of strong ensembles and performers that range from solo artists to large bands of fiddlers. Traditional Hardanger fiddle music is contrasted by more eclectic and experimental sounds resulting in a highly representative and inspiring encounter with Norwegian folk music.

The Norwegian performers at this years Førde Folk Music Festival are:

Young, vital and energetic collective which aim to revitalise the traditional folk music heritage.

Fliflet – Hamre Energiforsyning
Wildly eclectic combo with tons of integrity and humour.

Intimate trio setting - performs soulful interpretations of traditionals.

Another young and vital trio which have developed a highly individual and infectious rhythmic flair.

Berg og Vatn
Grammy-winning ensemble with highly skilled musicians from a wide variety of genres.

Jan Beitohagen Granli
Acclaimed Hardanger fiddler. Hailed as one of the most promising young fiddlers to emerge in the later years.

Vågå Spelemannslag
Veteran band of fiddlers. Have won numerous awards at national competitions and released an acclaimed album last year.

Indre Sunnfjord Spelemannslag
Another veteran band of fiddlers which deliver acclaimed live performances.

Steinar Ofsdal
Perhaps Norway’s most central flautist. Has released a string of acclaimed releases with a wide variety of bands and ensembles as well as solo records. Has toured extensively abroad. Will teach classes at Førde in addition to solo performances and hosting of the Gala night.

Sigrid Moldestad
Charismatic and highly skilled Hardanger fiddler and vocalist. Will perform as a solo artist and host the Førde opening night.

Unni Løvlid
One of Norway’s most respected folk music vocalists. Has collaborated with many of the most acclaimed bands of the genre and has also released a well received solo album. Will perform solo at the Førde Festival.

Read more about the Førde Folk Music Festival here.

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