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Nordafjells (400x330)Nordafjells

Publisert: 07/02/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


The collective experience of Nordafjell’s members balances the ensemble’s relatively young age. Nordafjell’s members Adreas Bjørkås (fiddle), Øyvind Sandum (accordion), Even Røhjell (accordion), Eirik Lund (guitar) and Knut Sneve (double-bass) have solid experience from a range of respected ensembles such as De Sverre, Stort of Smått and Ljom. Together they share a long list of trophies and awards at regional and national folk music competitions.

Much of Nordafjells repertoire is drawn from the regions of Oppdal and the northern part of the Gudbransdalen valley. The ensemble is widely respected for its ability to breathe fresh life to traditionals through forward-thinking and untraditional arrangements that emphasise the music’s appeal to the feet – to the dancer in us. The audience find it hard to sit still during Nordafjells performances, much a tribute to the ensemble’s ability to revitalise traditional tunes and add that energetic spark that makes you want to dance.

A significant part of Nordafjells’ repertoire is centred on the runddans style – the turning dance. However, the collective doesn’t limit itself to just one style – traditional Norwegian dances such as springar and halling as well as marches and psalms find their way into the Nordafjells repertoire. If the collective feels for it, they’ll even add a piece or two of classical music.

It has been said that the Nordafjell members radiate true musicianship. Take our word for it – they will prove it during the Førde Folk Music Festival.

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