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Vågå Spelemannslag (150x150)Vågå spelemannslag

Publisert: 07/02/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Vågå Spelmannslag is a veteran institution among Norwegian band of fiddlers – spelmannslag. Established in 1952, the ensemble has contributed to radio and TV shows, released several acclaimed albums and participated at the highest level at regional (Distriktskappleiken) and national competitions (Landskappleiken and Landsfestivalen for gammaldansmusikk).
Listen to a 30 second clip of Vågå Spelemannslag’s Tusseladden
Listen to more tracks or buy Vågå Spelemannslag’s Takk for sist album

In addition to numerous domestic concerts, the orchestra also has an extensive international experience. Tours to Austria, Belgium, Scotland, Germany and the United States in addition to neighbouring Scandinavian countries Sweden and Denmark are examples of the ensemble’s ability to reach out to a wider audience.

Vågå is situated in the north-western part of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, where traditional folk music is deeply rooted. Vågå Spelmannslag and their leader Trond-Ole Haug’s aim is to give you an impression of the breadth within Norwegian folk music, and through their live performances Vågå Spelmannslag present solo fiddle music, music performed by smaller groups featuring a variety of traditional instruments, as well as the entire spelmannslag.

Vågå Spelmannslag display mastery of old Norwegian folk music that is typical of the ensemble’s region, together with the more specific “turning dance” music - also a style that is characteristic of the musical tradition of the north-western part of the Gudbrandsdalen valley. Parts of Vågå Spelmannslag’s live performances centre on runddans (“turning dance”) - also called gammaldans (“old dance”). Throughout these tunes you will hear the fiddles accompanied by the accordion, the guitar and the bass. Waltz, rheinlender, mazurka and polka are major musical reference points in this respect. Other styles that find their way into the Vågå Spelmannslag’s repertoire include springleik, halling, bånsull (cradle songs) and brurmarsj (wedding marches).

Despite its age, Vågå Spelmannslag is as vital and energetic as ever – delivering spirited live performances that bring new aspects to traditional Norwegian music.

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