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Petter Dyndahl (110x152)Petter Dyndahl - Biography

Publisert: 05/02/2011 av - Red.


Petter Dyndahl was born in 1957, and has received a Dr.art.-degree in musicology from the University of Oslo. He holds position as professor of musicology and music education at Hedmark University College.

As a composer he is mainly self-taught. Dyndahl has approached composition via the analytic knowledge provided by musicology through comprehensive self-tuition in scores and literature associated to 20th century composition, from dodecaphony and serialism to computer music.

Dyndahl's compositions include music for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra and choir, as well as computer music. He has received commissions from Ny Musikk (the Norwegian section of ISCM), the Nordlyd Festival, the Norwegian chamber choir Collegium Vocale and Hedmark University College. His music has been performed at Stavanger Speculum and Nordlyd Festival, and has been broadcast on Norwegian and Scandinavian Radio.

Petter Dyndahl is also author of a number of books and articles on musicology and music education.

(Represented on the CD Non-Solid Objects, Albedo ALBCD 009. Also published by Red House Editions, Australia.)


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