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Antonio Bibalo (150x191)Antonio Bibalo: Concerto da camera 2 - Concerto allegorico

Publisert: 04/01/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues Antonio Bibalo’s Concerto da camera 2 album.

Antonio Bibalo could be labelled an internationalist on the Norwegian music scene, as he was trained in Trieste and London but settled down in Larvik, Norway. Over the years Bibalo has been productive as a composer, penning several acclaimed works for opera and ballet. On the album’s two featured concertos, Bibalo succeeds in fusing many different forms of expression in an unmistakably personal musical style. His compositions are often described as neither conservative nor ultra modern, and he frequently makes use of a structural language that resembles one of earlier music, but still sounds contemporary. The ability to sound spontaneous, almost improvisational, is another distinct Bibalo-quality. The expressive quality of these two concertos stimulates visual associations, and is a testament to Bibalo’s important contribution to the Norwegian music scene.
Strong tunes and flawless playing – it’s the good stuff.

Antonio Bibalo: Concerto da camera 2 – Concerto allegorico (Bergen Digital Studio / Musikkoperatørene – BD 7040)

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