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Utla, 2003 (272x280)Fusing tradition and avant-garde

Publisert: 03/05/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Highly respected veteran trio UTLA set their sights on Germany in order to promote the new album “Song”.
Listen to a 30 second clip of UTLA’s Flatenspringar
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UTLA is a unique trio which is made up of respected veteran performers Terje Isungset (drums, percussion Jews harps), Karl Seglem (Tenor sax, Ram´s horn) and Håkon Høgemo on Hardanger fiddle. Featured guest vocalist on their German tour is renowned folk singer Berit Opheim. The trio’s characteristic ability to fuse traditional elements with contemporary avant-garde influences makes UTLA unique in a national as well as international context. Traditional Norwegian folk music played on Hardanger fiddle and Jew’s harp is contrasted by genre-pushing improvisation on sax and percussion. The end result is a truly unique identity.

To quote the band’s description of themselves: The trio UTLA presents new aspects of sound and imaginary journeys through Norwegian landscapes. UTLA´s music is deeply rooted in the tradition of Hardanger fiddle playing, yet connected to urban musical impulses. UTLA presents their music honest and powerfully, combining tradition with improvisation and composition. The ultimate mix between old Norwegian music and modern sounds. UTLA has been working together since 1991.

UTLA has been in existence since 1991, and throughout those twelve years the band has put out four acclaimed albums and toured extensively in Norway and abroad. UTLA will release a new album titled Song on respected Norwegian label NOR-CD in March.

The UTLA performers are no strangers to favourable reviews – just read what RootsWorld’s Cliff Furnald thinks of them: This trio is like little else in the Nordic musical scene. They generate their power by sheer will and human force, eschewing studio tricker for simple, raw, energy.

UTLA will be on tour from March 7 to April 18 – most of the concerts take place in Germany, but concerts in Demark and Edinburgh are also scheduled.

For a complete listing of UTLA’s concert dates, go to MIC’s calendar section.

UTLA’S German tour is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fund for Sound and Picture, Norwegian Council for Folk Music and Folk Dance as well as The Fund for Performing Artists.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cultural Relations Division

Fond for lyd og bilde

The Fund for Performing Artists

Norwegian Council for Folk Music and Folk Dance

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Karl Seglem

Håkon Høgemo

Terje Isungset, Drummer, Composer

Berit Opheim, Folk music singer

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