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Title of new a-ha album unveiled

Publisert: 03/03/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


Loyal a-ha fans have been waiting for this - the title of the new a-ha live concert album.

“How Can I Sleep With Your Voice in My Head” is the title given to a-ha’s new live concert album which will be released on March 24. The live album came together by recording every show during the last six weeks of a-ha’s successful and critically acclaimed 'Lifelines' World Tour, which took a-ha from the Baltic States all over Europe, Russia and South America - playing to a total of half a million people. The album that spawned the tour, Lifelines, has proved to be a success both sales-wise and with the critics.

“How Can I Sleep With Your Voice in My Head” was mixed by the world-renowned producer Michael Brauer in New York. Brauer recently mixed Paul McCartney's 'Live Back in the USA' and Bob Dylan's 'Rolling Thunder'. In addition to this he ha also worked with the Rolling Stones, Jeff Buckley, Aretha Franklin and Coldplay - to name but a few.

Says a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen of the recording of How Can I Sleep With Your Voice in My Head: “The process, from when the tour was over, to listening to the tracks, and then to the final mix, was very quick. We didn’t overdub any parts - the final product is 'all natural', warts and all.With the double album, almost all the songs from the shows are included. The main selection was taken from a few shows where the sound was good. Part of it is from Wembley Arena, which was a highlight for the whole band.”

A live rendition of 'The Sun Always Shines On TV', which in its original version reached no. 1 in the UK in January 1986, will also be released on March 10 to promote the album.

The title of the album is 'How Can I Sleep with your Voice in my Head - a-ha live' and fans will undoubtedly recognise the phrase as a line from 'The Swing of Things'. This song was originally featured on the 1986 album 'Scoundrel Days', yet is still a favourite on today's concerts.

These are the confirmed release-dates in Europe:

Austria: March 24
Belgium: March 25
Czech Republic: March 24
Denmark: March 24
Finland: March 24
France: March 25
Germany: March 24
Holland: March 24
Italy: March 21
Norway: March 24
Spain: March 24
Sweden: March 24
Switzerland: March 21

And here’s the complete track listing:

CD 1

Forever Not Yours, live
Minor Earth Major Sky, live
Manhattan Skyline, live
I’ve Been Losing You, live
Crying In The Rain, live
The Sun Always Shines On TV, live
Did Anyone Approach You?, live
Swing Of Things, live
Lifelines, live
Stay On These Roads, live
Hunting High And Low, live
Take On Me, live
Living Daylights, live
Summer Moved On, live


Scoundrel Days, live
Oranges On Appletrees, live
Cry Wolf, live
Dragonfly, live
Time and Again, live
Sycamore Leaves, live
Video track: a-ha tour diary

Here’s the track-listing for the The Sun Always Shines On TV single
1. The Sun Always Shines On TV - Single Edit Live
2. The Sun Always Shines On TV - Live
3. Scoundrel Days - Live
4. The Sun Always Shines On TV - Enhanced Video

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