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John Pål Inderberg - Baritone Landscape cover (150x150)John Pål Inderberg: Baritone Landscape

Publisert: 02/26/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


MIC’s Listen to Norway profile series continues with John Pål Inderberg’s Baritone Landscape album.
Listen to a 30 second clip of John Pål Inderberg & Co.’s interpretation of It’s you
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Most sax players probably wouldn’t choose the baritone as their main solo instrument. John Pål Inderberg, driving force behind Trondheim’s well-known Jazz Conservatory, has not only chosen this unwieldy horn as his primary instrument, he actually seeks out to play some pretty difficult music on it. On the aptly titled Baritone Landscape he has gathered a crew of formidable players to explore what could loosely be described as the Tristano School. Joining in on the unorthodox key changes and augmented chords is piano player Vigleik Storaas, bassist Sondre Meisfjord and drummer Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk – all highly respected players with a strong background from Trondheim’s Jazz Conservatory. Inderberg is one of the few baritone players to attempt the challenging multi-noted theme statements and serpentine-like solos, which form such important aspects of Tristano’s work. Most will agree that he has succeeded in his attempt.

John Pål Inderberg: Baritone Landscape (Gemini Records / Amigo – GMCD 107)

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