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Satyricon live Quart festival 2002 (315x221)

Norwegian black-metalers to conquer Europe

Publisert: 02/10/2003 av Tomas Lauvland Pettersen


They are the first Norwegian black-metal band to enter the charts and receive heavy airplay - now Satyricon are ready to take on the world. February 14 to March 23 will see Satyricon on a mammoth 31-date tour covering Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England and Russia.

Satyricon have been well established on the underground black-metal circuit for years. However, following the release of last year’s highly successful Volcano album, Satyricon left the ranks of the underground bands and gained the general public’s attention. Their successful year began with playlisting at the influential NRK Petre station – the first time a black-metal band has been awarded A-list playlisting. Acclaimed performances at the summer’s main festivals solidified the public’s image of a strong act with a strong upcoming album.

Satyricon are no strangers to critical acclaim however. Their previous album “Rebel Extravaganza” was one of the first black metal albums to receive wide public interest and near ecstatic reviews. Major label EMI gained interest in the darkly clad musical extremists and signed them to their Capitol imprint, thus providing them with considerable funding. A support slot at Pantera’s world tour allowed them to reach out to an even wider international audience.

Public interest and media expectations were noticeably greater prior to Volcano’s release. The media’s verdict was almost unanimous: most dailies awarded the album five or six stars and TV and Radio journalists joined in on the acclaim. The album’s first week in the shops saw some 7000 units shifted, thrusting Volcano into no. 4 on the national album charts, and since then the album has sold more than 20 000 in Norway. Suddenly Satyricon’s Sigurd von Wongraven was something of a media’s darling, appearing on TV talk shows and on the front pages of the nation’s dailies. Volcano was released all over Europe on October 21.

Volcano has been awarded to a Norwegian Grammy as well as the alternative Grammy awards; the Alarm prize. Last weekend Volcano was voted Album of The Year at Natt & Dag’s Oslo-prize awards.

A long-time Satyricon fan was recruited to shoot the video for the Fuel For Hatred single. Swede Jonas Åkerlund is probably best known for his work with Madonna, most notably the acclaimed Frozen video. The ensuing Satyricon video was well received by most of the Scandinavian media, but unfortunately the content of the video was too explicit for MTV and ZTV who both refused to air Fuel For Hatred.

Åkerlund’s Fuel For Hatred video can be viewed here.

February 14 will see Satyricon embarking on an intensive 31-date tour which will take the band to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England and Russia. Filling in the support slot is Khold – the latest signing to Satyricon’s Sigurd von Wongraven’s Moonfog label.

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