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Norway at Womex 2002

Publisert: 10/17/2002 av - Red.


October 24 to 27 will see the Norwegian participants to Womex 2002 following up on efforts made at fairs Midem and Popkomm. The focus will be on ethnic, world and traditional music as key Norwegian industry representatives congregate in Essen, Germany to promote the distinct qualities of the scene.

Pop and rock music has its forum at Midem and Popkomm, and the Norwegian participation at these fairs has grown over the last couple of years. The World Music Expo Womex is widely regarded as the world's premier networking point dedicated to world, roots, folk, ethnic, traditional and local music of all kinds. Intent on matching the results achieved at Popkomm and Midem, representatives of Norway’s ethnic/world/roots scene will be represented at a joint Womex-stand.

The Norwegian delegation comprises record labels, concert agencies, managements, festivals, publishers as well as music export and information bodies. The overall objective remains the same for all participants; to promote Norwegian music. Perhaps inspired by the increasing success of Norwegian popular music, the world and ethnic scene is also intent on being part of the positive development and gain increased international attention. One thing remains certain; this will be the strongest Norwegian presence at Womex ever.

The Norwegian delegation includes:

Grappa Music Group:
Parent record label with imprints Heilo and Simax. Releases, among others, renowned hardanger-fiddle player Annbjørg Lien.

Norwegian Traditional Music Agency
Focuses mainly on promoting Norwegian traditional and contemporary folk music, both in Norway and throughout the world through booking services and concert management.

Norwegian Concert Institute
NCI´s concert activity in Norway consists of public concerts and of concerts aimed at particular groups – mainly children and young people. In addition to the standard range of concerts (approximately 7500 each year), NCI also arranges the Oslo World Music Festival.

2L/Lindberg Lyd AS
Record label and production company which has been praised for its high-quality productions.

Music Export Norway
Music Export Norway’s aim is to be a service- and resource centre for exporters of Norwegian music products. Primarily the company shall concentrate its work on strengthening Norwegian music products of commercial value. MEN is the co-ordinator of the Norwegian participation at Midem and Popkomm.

Førde Folk Music Festival
Førde Folk Music Festival is the largest festival in Norway for ethnic/folk/world music and dance from all over the world. The festival takes place in beginning of July each year and the main profile is traditional and contemporary folk music on an acoustic basis.

Hacate Entertainment Group
Hacate Entertainment Group, LLC (HEG) is a music publishing company based in New York City with a branch office in Oslo, Norway. The company stated aims are to represent high-quality music of all genres, of the present and the past, from all over the world, to all over the world.

International Music Network
International Music Network is a non-profit organisation and meeting place run by musicians of different cultural origins living in Norway. The organisation aim towards improving the working conditions of world musicians both in relation to the Norwegian as well as the international market.

Music Information Centre Norway
Music Information Centre Norway is a resource centre that aims at increasing the impact of Norwegian music nationally as well as abroad.

The Norwegian activities at Womex are co-ordinated by the Music Information Centre Norway.


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