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The POINGensemble is an innovative young trio in the Norwegian contemporary music society.

POING (200x133)

POING began performing in 1999, and has since become one of the most interesting ensembles for contemporary music in Norway, with more than twenty first performances by young Scandinavian composers. They have participated in large music festivals as well as in clubs playing mostly contemporary music, but also free improvisation, Kurt Weill and cabaret music. They have played in all the Nordic countries, all Baltic countries and in the Netherlands.

POING will soon release their first CD (spring 2003), which will contain works by Norwegian composers Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje, Øyvind Torvund, Eivind Buene and Knut Olaf Sunde and improvisation. Among the composers who will write music for POING in the near future are: Michael Finnessy, Sam Hayden (GB), Richard Barrett (WAL), Volker Heyn (D), Rolf Wallin (N), Ross Hazeldine (AUS), Emanuelle Casale (IT), Bendik Hagerup, Ruben Sverre Giersten (N) and the japanese composers Sachiyo Tsurumi, Hiroyuki Yamamoto og Takmi Ikeda.

The musicians:
Frode Haltli (b. 1975) studied accordion at The Norwegian State Academy of Music and The Royal Danish Concervatory of Music. He currently lives in Oslo. In 1999 he won a second prize in the prestigious International Gaudeamus Intepreters Competition in the Netherlands. He was awarded the "Young Soloist of the Year 2001" title by the Norwegian Concert Institute at the Bergen International Festival 2000. Frode has played at festivals and concerts in Europe, Russia, Canada and in the USA. His debut CD will be released on the ECM New Series label autumn 2002. http://haltli.com/

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (b. 1975) is a diploma student at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. Rolf-Erik has played with major Nowegian orchestras, played on dozens of CDs and played as a soloist and with groups all over Europe. He has composed music for theater and has played improvisation music in a lot of different constellations. He has premiered some pieces for the saxophone both as a solo instrument and in chamber music.

Håkon Thelin (b. 1976) is a master student at the Norwegian State Academy of Music where he does a unique scientific study on percussion techniques on doublebass in modern music. He works freelance in all professional Norwegian orchestras and ensembles, he has played with Cikada string quartet and plays regularly in Oslo Sinfonietta. In June 2000 he played as the only Nordic musician in an international quintet who premiered 14 works from all over the world on a festival in Langenberg, Germany. He has participated on new music recordings in Germany and Norway. As an improvisator he plays with many of Norway’s leading young jazzmusicians.

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