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Karsten Brustad (Foto: Jørn Bøhmer Olsen) (197x)

Karsten Brustad - Biography

Publisert: 11/14/2007 av - Red.


Karsten Brustad (1959) studied classical guitar at The Norwegian State Academy of Music during the first half of the 1980s. He studied composition privately and has been working as a composer for the last twenty years.

Brustad has written music for orchestra, choir, various chamber music combinations and solo instruments. He is particularly interested in combining electronic and acoustic instruments and has written several electro-acoustic pieces of music. A number of Brustads pieces have been released on CD and he has received a series of commissions and grants for his work.

“As a child I started making short melodies on a home made guitar. Each melody evoked a feeling of emotion or a sense of colour, which made it easy to memorize and therefore reproduce. This, for me, was a groundbreaking experience”.


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