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Magne Grov - Biography

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Magne Grov (born in Sunnfjord 13.03.1938) studied theory and organ with Trygve Fischer at Bergen Conservatory of Music, and graduated as an orhganist in 1962. Further studies at Oslo Conservatory of Music (1966-68) with Conrad Baden in theory and composision, and piano with Hans Solum. In 1974 he studied composision in London with Lennox Berkely.

In 1963-66 har was organist and music teacher in Høyanger (Western Norway). After that he has basically worked as a composer.

Magne Grov has received a number of Norwegian grants and was a prize winner in the competition for a new orchestral work for the inauguration of Oslo Concert Hall in 1977.

Of his orchestral and chamber music can be mentioned: Ballad for strings, piano and harp (1972), Concerto for piano and orchestra (1977), Symphony (1993), Concerto for ten instruments (1980), Trio for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet (1967), Juninatt for oboe and piano (1973), Dansescener for five wind instruments and piano (2006).

Piano: Sonatina, Four Norwegian Folk Songs, Fantasy.

His work list also contains organ- and choral compositions and works for voice with piano.

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