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Krøyt (145x100)Krøyt to play exclusive dates in Europe

Publisert: 10/11/2002 av Mari Glans


The innovative and extraordinary Norwegian modern jazz outfit Krøyt, is set to play gigs in Denmark and The Netherlands. Watch out for this band, they’re going places.

Krøyt consists of Kristin Asbjørnsen (vocal), Øyvind Brandtsegg (electronics) and Thomas T.Dahl (gitar). Some will say they play modern jazz, but Krøyt is a band who likes to challenge their audience and play around with different genres, making it hard to label them. They mix electronica, jazz and ambient with pop elements.

- We make the pop music of tomorrow, the band states on their web-site.

They released their first album, ”Low”, in 1999, for which they were awarded a Norwegian Grammy. They have toured extensively on both sides of the Atlantic since then. After ”Low”, they released two other albums ”Sub” and ”One heart is to small”, both of them critically acclaimed. Kristin Asbjørnsens voice is extraordinary, and is a very important part of Krøyt’s unique sound. She is also the lead-singer of Dadafon, another one of her band projects. This girl is music, and one of the most respected jazz vocalists in Norway.

Krøyt are on tour throughout October - they will play some dates in Norway, before heading out to Århus, Denmark on the 17th. The venue is Musikcafeen, and the day after they will be playing at Vega in Copehagen. The last show will be in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on the 19th, the venue is to be announced.

Krøyt are planning to release another album and continue to write their mind-blowing music. They will probably be recording new material early next year.

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