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Bobby Hughes Combination (Espen Horne) (227x143)Bobby Hughes Combination - soothing grooves

Publisert: 10/11/2002 av Mari Glans


Nu-jazz quartet Bobby Hughes Combination, which derives its name from DJ Espen Horne’s alter ego, have finally released their last album “Nhu Golden Era”.

The album has been ready for release since last Christmas, but due to a conflict with his label Ultimate Dilemma, it hasn’t been released until now. I’m so glad it’s finally out, says Horne with a big smile.

The “Nhu Golden Era” (named after Horne’s girlfriend, Nhu) is Bobby Hughes Combination follow-up album to the critically acclaimed “Fusa Riot”. The band was formerly known as the Bobby Hughes Experience, but after changing the line-up within the band, Horne felt that a change of name was in order. He is really pleased with the album, but isn’t as ambitious as he used to be.

- When I make music, the most important thing to me is to create a mood, a feeling. It’s just dance-music, and the only thing I want is for people to enjoy it, and make them happy.

He has reached his goal. The album has a very positive vibe, with soothing tunes and happy tracks. His dance-music, as he calls it, is heavily influenced by Brazilian music, 70s jazz and easy listening. After Horne’s contract with his former label Ultimate Dilemma was terminated, “Nhu Golden Era” was finally released on the 14th of October. Horne is now signed to the label he wanted to be with; German record company Stereo Deluxe.

- It was a struggle, they didn’t pay me the money I felt that they owed me, and we quarrelled quite a bit. But there is no bad blood between Ultimate Dilemma and me now, we ended our professional relationship as friends, says Horne.

The DJ slash producer is a very busy man. He teaches graphic design at a school in his home town Bergen, is the resident DJ at the Bergen-club Miles Ahead, designs album covers, has managed to find the girl he wants to marry and is involved with the Bobby Hughes Combination. The band is going on a short tour in Norway by the end of this month and will also play two shows in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

- Going on tour can be a lot of fun, but it’s also extremely exhausting. I have reached a point in my life where travelling, touring, and trying to become a superstar-DJ is not important anymore. I was very ambitious when our last album was released, but I’m not anymore. I have discovered that there are so many things in my life that are more important than touring and music. My girlfriend is one of them, and I have turned down quite a few job offers and gigs to be able to spend more time with her.

One of the job offers he turned down was to become a clothes designer for Adidas. He didn’t want to do it, because he had to move to Germany. Gigs in Mexico are another example of things he felt he had to decline. Nevertheless, he is going on tour in the States in February next year.

- I’m looking forward to that, I have never been to the States before, and can’t wait to visit all of the cool, big cities like LA and New York. But still, I am happiest when I’m at home. I would rather go fishing with my buddies, than go to Acapulco to DJ at a beach-party.

Even so, Horne is not about to give up music any time soon.

- No way! I am, believe it or not, are very dedicated musician. But to me the studio isn’t a place for hard work, but rather a big playground, says the happy DJ.

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