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The Music Information Centre Norway is now closed down following a merger with Music Export Norway in January 2013. The merger resulted in a new organisation, Music Norway , which is to fulfil the role of Norway's new music export office. Here is a list of former staff and current contact details:

Music Norway:

Aslak OppebøenAslak Oppebøen

Mail to aslak@musicnorway.no
Mobile: +47 901 75 338

Tomas Lauvland PettersenTomas Lauvland Pettersen

Mail to tomas@musicnorway.no
Mobile: +47 997 60 328

Karoline Røed TønnesenKaroline Røed Tønnesen

Mail to karoline@musicnorway.no
Mobile: +47 930 37 648

Carl Kristian JohansenCarl Kristian Johansen

Mail to carlkristian@musicnorway.no
Mob: +47 924 626 58

Lisbeth RisnesLisbeth Risnes

Mail to lisbeth@musicnorway.no
Mobile: +47 959 35 575

Camilla OppegaardCamilla Oppegaard

Mail to camilla@musicnorway.no
Phone: +47 906 22 987

The National Library:

The employees of the sheet music department have now been transferred to the National Library of Norway's Music Division, and are set to carry on management of score and printed music related matters in their new organisational home.

Torkild HansenTorkild Hansen

Mail to torkild.hansen@nb.no

Karen RyghKaren Rygh

Mail to karen.rygh@nb.no

Margrete BueMargrethe S. Bue
Mail to margrethe.bue@nb.no


Ballade.no was MICs Norwegian-language news and debate site. The site is no longer administered by MIC or Music Norway, but continues as an independent site under a new editor and with new owners.

For enquiries regarding Ballade.no, please contact the site admins directly: post@ballade.no

Sture BjørsethSture Bjørseth – Is still Ballade's advertisement Sales Manager
Mail to sture@ballade.no
Mob: +47 95 43 60 31


Hilde Holbæk-HanssenHilde Holbæk-Hanssen – The Academy of Opera

Mail to hildhans@khio.no
Mobile: +47 472 79 786
Nina HodnelandNina Hodneland – Project Manager for Transposition
- a music cooperation programme between Norway and Vietnam.
Mail to nina.hodneland@heddafoundation.no
Mobile: +47 93 44 14 71

Guttorm AndreasenGuttorm Andreasen - Freelance DJ and radio promoter.

Mail to guttorm.andreasen@gmail.com
Mobile: +47 40 22 79 36
Kristin Danielsen (70x74)Kristin Danielsen – (MIC's former director)

Mail to kristin.danielsen@kul.oslo.kommune.no
Mobile: +47 416 77 568


MIC-pages is managed by Aslak Oppebøen
Tel: +47 90175338 · aslak@musicnorway.no