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Kaare Dyvik Husby - Biography

Publisert: 10/07/2002 av - Red.


Kaare Dyvik Husby (born 11.06.1969) studied composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music.

Since 1994 he has been engaged in various parts of the music life of Stavanger; Stavanger music school, the Conservatory of Music at Stavanger College, and since 2000 as a composer in recidense with the Stavanger Symhpony Orchestra, as a part of the trainee program of the Norwegian Cultural Council.

Kaare Dyvik Husby has made a name for himself as one of Norway’s leading young composers. His music has been performed at Norway’s most important contemporary music festivals; Ultima (Oslo), Music Factory (Bergen), Ilios (Harstad), Stavanger Speculum as well as Young Nordic Music Festival. His list of works contains first of all chamber music, but also vocal- and band music. Husby has reconstructed three orchestral pieces from Geirr Tveitt’s lost ballet Baldurs Draumar, which until 1999 was only available as a concert recording.

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