Norway @ London Jazz Festival

Puma, Supersilent, Albatrosh ,Karin Krog, Jan Garbarek, Ensemble Denada, Bushman’s Revenge, Synkoke, Gard Nilssen and Ole Morten Vågan to play London Jazz Festival which kicks off this weekend.

The London Jazz Festival, which kicks off on 9 November and lasts until the 18th, maintains a strong Norwegian contingent on its roster.

Puma, Supersilent, Albatrosh ,Karin Krog, Jan Garbarek, Ensemble Denada, Bushman’s Revenge Synkoke, Gard Nilssen and Ole Morten Vågan are all set to play gigs over the next week.

Albatrosh, Bushman’s Revenge, Synkoke

Albatrosh consists of two young jazz musicians, André Roligheten (saxophones) and Eyolf dale (piano). The essence of their music is how they combine the composed with the improvised. They operate within the jazz genre with a kind of chamber-musical sound.

Bushman’s Revenge mix the energy of rock with the freedom of jazz while also including elements of blues and progressive rock. Together they create an energetic and exciting performance.

All the musicians in Synkoke have their main focus in a variety of genres, such as pop, rock, classical, electronica and jazz. Their music is progressive jazz, with a main base in nordic jazz and british progressive rock.

Albatrosh, Bushman’s Revenge & Synkoke

Friday 9 November, 8.30pm


Ensemble Denada

Ensemble Denada merge European tradition with jazz and native Norwegian expressions into a blend of strict composition and free improvisation. The idea behind Ensemble Denada is to achieve small-band dynamics with thrice the number of people, blending high mech and high tech instruments into a rousing, creative habitat for musicians and composers. Contra-alto clarinet, bass sax, state-of-the-art electronics, 10 formidable horn players and a high-ranking piano quartet conclude the lineup.

Ensemble Denada

Sunday 11 November, 3.00pm and 7.45pm

Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

Jan Garbarek Group

In his compositions and improvisations Jan Garbarek is a master of unbelievable tuneful music that cuts right into our soul. Expansive sound spaces stretch from absolute tranquility to expressive rapture, radiating an astounding sense of peace that does not allow a moment of boredom.

Jan Garbarek will be accompanied by his keyboardist of many years, Rainer Brüninghaus, the e-bassist from Brazil, Yuri Daniel and master drummer Trilok Gurtu from India. These musicians, all of them technically highly trained, guarantee that the mutual journey will offer an extraordinary concert experience filled with magical moments.

Jan Garbarek Group

Tuesday 13 November, 7.30pm

The Royal Festival Hall

Southbank Centre

Karin Krog with Bengt Hallberg

Karin Krog is a unique song artist with a great international reputation possessing her own recognizable style and voice. Her constant creative approach towards contemporary jazz has never been bound by tradition, even though her music bears a deep respect for its forms.

Bengt Hallberg is a master of the keyboard – but he is not given to flamboyant demonstrations of technique. He plays with a mixture of gentle swing, great sensitivity and occasionally startling originality.

This very rare live performance marks the release of their recording Cabin In the Sky, which is a fine example of Scandinavian symbiosis, with each musician drawing inspiration from the other.

Karin Krog with Bengt Hallberg

15-16 November, 8.00pm

The Forge

Supersilent feat John Paul Jones

The Norwegian ensemble Supersilent has just one rule: no rehearsals. Every recording and concert is entirely improvised, approaching each show with a conceptual rigour that makes each one a distinct and coherent soundworld.

Joining forces with John Paul Jones, one of the most influential bassists in rock history, they set the table for an unforgettable evening.

Supersilent & John Paul Jones

18 November, 8.00pm

Village Underground

Take Five: Europe showcase with Gard Nilssen and Ole Morten Vågan

This concert brings together ten performers and composers from Norway, UK, Netherlands, Poland and France, creating a set of brand new material.

The Norwegian contribution comes from drummer Gard Nilssen and bassist Ole Morten Vågan. Gard Nilssen has been an active part of Norway’s jazz scene for many years, with projects including improvising trio Puma and Bushman’s Revenge. Ole Morten Vågan is known from several recordings, and from cooperating with some of the most influential musicians and composers internationally.

Take Five: Europe showcase with Gard Nilssen and Ole Morten Vågan

17 November, 5.30pm

The Front Room

Southbank Centre


Puma is a contemporary unit with fearless and dynamic music, mixing improvisation, jazz, electronics and free rock. Their live performances are spectacular displays of creative beauty, full of energy and musical sincerity.


17 November, 8.00pm

Bishopsgate Institute

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