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Valkyrien Allstars - Live At The Office

The 2012 ‘Live At The Office’ season kicks off with a spirited gig by Valkyrien Allstars.

Valkyrien Allstars - three young Norwegian fiddlers that see themselves trotting the world, called upon to energize audiences – from Japan to Holland, America to Russia – with the flammable musical brew that is their unique trademark. A blend of Norwegian traditional tunes and popular music in its every guise: Rock, blues, jazz and just about everything else that comes into a young person’s ears.

The vibrant trio kicked-off the 2012 Live At The Office concert series earlier this February with a spirited gig featuring such strong tunes as Fyll mitt beger på ny,Det er ingen hverdag mer, Himmel hav, Min Pipa and Jeg tenker på deg.

Valkyrien Allstars – Ola Hilmen, Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen and Erik Sollid – first met at a fiddle course back in the late 90s. They became friends and after some years decided to move in together and create a 24-7 musical collective. This happened in 2003 and just one year later the three were making their first national appearances in Norway. In Norway Valkyrien Allstars earned the epithet “explosive” the very instant they entered the music scene for real. The band’s eponymous debut from 2007 became something of a byword for whatever is vital and fresh. The amalgam of many genres and emotions was one thing, the youthful energy with which it was all done something else.

Says Valkyrien’s Ola Hilmen “Our way of working is very disorderly. We simply bring whatever we have a feel for, or new things we have discovered, into the band and just see if it works. A lot of our music is a matter of coincidence and we never really sit down to compose; not individually and not as a band. On the contrary we are always jamming and improvising. It is almost a pathological trait, something that comes from the blurry lines between living together and playing together.”

October 2011 saw the release of the trio’s third album to date, ‘Ingen hverdag’- an album with a strong literary backdrop as it revolves around texts originally written by key Norwegian novelists Inger Hagerup, Olav H. Hauge and André Bjerke.

'Live at The Office' is a live concert series presented by the Music Information Centre Norway and NRK, the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. For a series of intimate concerts, MIC invites musicians to perform on an unlikely stage for a live concert; the office. Watch intimate video performances of your favourite Norwegian artist, recorded live at MIC’s Oslo office or in selected locations throughout the country.

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