Photo: Oddleiv Apneseth

Karl Seglem

Conexions: Tenor saxophonist, goat horn player and poet Karl Seglem teams up with Christian Wallumrød and Garth Knox for their Conexions gig.

Norway has spawned quite a plethora of distinctive musicians that have made it their enterprise to merge musical traditions, often from their respective homesteads, with contemporary expressions, world music and improvisational jazz. Karl Seglem looms prominently among these and he is unquestionably one of the great innovators and visionaries of Norwegian music; reinvigorating both Norwegian traditional genres and jazz with his unwavering will to fuse traditions, pursue crossover ventures and embrace new instruments, sounds and perspectives. His trademark has become the use of rams’ horns as a wind instrument. This has great symbolic power of course, but it is no mere gimmick. The horns present a sound which is both ancient, it was a common thing to play rams’ horns in Norway in olden times, and at the same time avant-garde, due to the musical contexts in which he lets the instrument feature.

In addition to his long career as a performer and composer, Seglem has also published several literary works, distinguishing himself as a respected poet with a distinct voice. 2006 saw Seglem debuting as a poet with “Stilla er ein åker” and 2012 will see the launch of a follow-up to his critically acclaimed collection of lyrical and aesthetic poems.

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