Philco Fiction - live at Ja Ja Ja on Jan 26th

2012's first Ja Ja Ja club night

January sees London club night Ja Ja Ja back in full swing with a strong line-up including Philco Fiction

After a month off for Christmas, Ja Ja Ja will return on 26 January with a pretty special come back affair. On the line up from Norway are Philco Fiction a band who has the press raving over their bold use of instrumentation and songwriting skills.

“We feel this is simply some of the most exciting music to come out of Norway in recent years." - Record of the Day on Philco Fiction

Oslo trio Philco Fiction’s music offers up inspired instrumentation, twisty production tics (courtesy of Anders and Biarne from the band), epic, broken-hearted piano ballads recalling prime Prince, pop symphonies that glide through warped electronics, speaker-popping R ‘n’ B spasms, tip-toeing Bjork-like flights of fancy and a fondness for Motown string flourishes. Live, though, is where the band truly come alive, with a weird, charismatic and theatrical show, honed with European and American tours with the likes of Wild Birds, Peacedrums and I Blame Coco.

The new album ‘Take It Personally’ is full of rich, haunting songs with frank lyrics, giant choruses and effortlessly sparse, yet lush arrangements. The full album is currently being streamed exclusively on Ja Ja Ja blog.

Also playing the January Ja Ja Ja night are Mirel Wagner from Finland and Giana Factory from Denmark

Philco Fiction on Facebook

Philco Fiction on Spofify

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Philco Fiction - live at Ja Ja Ja on Jan 26th


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