Marit Larsen awarded Music Export Norway program

NOK 900k export program awarded to Marit Larsen

Following in the footsteps of Lindstrøm and Propeller Recordings is Marit Larsen who can now look forward to boosting her budget for international activities with NOK 900k as she is the latest recipient of Music Export Norway’s extensive three-year export program.

Writes Music Export Norway in a press release this week:

In 2010 Music Export Norway launched a new three-year export program. The program is intended as an export funding program towards individual Norwegian projects, with the goal of increasing the export of Norwegian music.

Music Export Norway will grant partial funding for up to two projects per year. Each project may receive up to NOK 300,000 per year for up to three years. The total value per project can be up to NOK 900,000. This export program is open to a wide range of industry professionals, such as production companies, management, music publishers and songwriters, as well as artists in all genres.

A jury has awarded Music Export Norway's third export program to singer/songwriter Marit Larsen. Marit Larsen has, despite her young age, had a substantial international career. She has amongst other things sold 300.000 singles in Germany and reached number 1 on several international charts.

Marit Larsen has also won two Spellemann awards (The Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy).

Marit Larsen herself is very excited about the news: - This was a pleasant surprise! The timing is also very good, as the new album release and the following touring is just around the corner. I am very pleased that the jury has confidence in me and believing in my music, she comments.

Previously, electronica act Lindstrøm and label Propeller Recordings have received the export program.

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