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99 Minutes #8

With a playlist that ranges from Dimmu Borgir to Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, MIC Norway continues its eclectic approach to its webcast series ’99 Minutes’ in 2010’s last programme.

99 Minutes Program 8 101206 by MIC Norway

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The eight edition of MIC’s ’99 Minutes’ webcast series is now up and running with a playlist that ranges from Dimmu Borgir to Phonophani, Slagr, Bjørn Torske and Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas.

DJ 99 aka Guttorm Andreasen continues his super-eclectic approach to programming with a playlist that that spans the stylistic gap between black metal and traditional folk with a wide range of other genres thrown in for good measure. DJ99’s latest ’99 Minutes’ playlist includes acts Melkeveien vs. Niño, Ihsahn, Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas, Guro von Germeten, Phonophani, Ludvigsen, Dimmu Borgir, Gro Marie Svidal, Mari Boine, Olav Brekke & Sideshow Jøgge, Årabrot, Ila Auto, Skáidi, My Little Pony, Slagr, Tungtvann feat. Timbuktu, Bjørn Torske, Scorch Trio, Superfamily, Ola Kvernberg Trio, Søstrene Bjørklund and Fjorden Baby!

’99 Minutes #8’ is 2010’s last programme, but the service continues uninterrupted in 2011, with the first programme airing in January.

Theme song: TøyenIndia PindiaDid you bring me on national television to tell me this too?Blackbean & Placenta BBPTC203
Melkeveien vs. NiñoYo! (Slugabed remix)Dødpop vol. 2DIGER - n/a
IhsahnThe Barren LandsAfterMnemosyne Mnemo 010
Lindstrøm & Prins ThomasBoney M DownLindstrøm & Prins ThomasEskimo Recordings 541416501427
Guro von GermetenPolka Dot Dress for YouBad Dreams and Good NightmaresSweet Morning Records GVGCD01
PhonophaniGubjinsoKrekenRune GrammofonRCD2101
LudvigsenDame som viser frem rompen sinBli Blid!Norsk Plateproduksjon IDCD 13
Dimmu BorgirGatewaysAbrahadabraNuclear Blast 27361 23482
Gro Marie SvidalBrureslåttFolkelarm Oslo 2009NORCD 0987
Mari BoineLihkahusatCuovgga Airras/Sterna ParadiseaUniversal 602527145433
Olav Brekke & Sideshow JøggeGul BossPrima Norsk 3 - The Space Disco EditionBeatservice BS078CD
ÅrabrotThe Most Sophisticated Form of RevengeRevenge it is just a matter of not letting oneself be caughtFysisk Format FY 28
Ila AutoFire it UpIf you keep Pickin' it might Never HealAuto Records
SkáidiÁnte Máhte ÁnteWhere the Rivers MeetDATCD-44
My Little PonyCapital of NorwayOslo 2 - A Collection of Music from the Independent Oslo Pop SceneSpoon Train Audio STACD013
SlagrPolarisStraum, Stillen/a
Tungtvann feat. TimbuktuFå Det BortSiste SkanseC+C Records CCD 029
Bjørn TorskeHatten PasserFeil KnappSmalltown Supersound STS117CD
Scorch TrioGrapsBrolt!Rune Grammofon RCD2074
SuperfamilyThe Radio has Expressed Concern About What You did Last NightRørt og Urørt 2007WTRP-04
Ola Kvernberg TrioTaleFolkJazzland 1797932
Søstrene BjørklundKjæresten MinSøstrene Bjørklund - 78 samlingenNormann Records NOMCD3037
Fjorden Baby!PesFjorden Baby!Opplett 003

Listen to previous editions of ’99 Minutes’ HERE.

DJ 99, aka Guttorm Andreasen, has worked as a presenter, DJ, reporter and producer at the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for 16 years, from 1992 to 2008 during which he hosted a wide range of programmes ranging from popular children’s shows, cutting-edge music programmes at the youth channels as well as culture and arts programmes on national TV. From 2003 to 2006 he produced 702 editions of the multi-rhythmic daily programme Wasabi on the NRK P2 channel. Up to 200,000 people would tune in daily on the complete genre-free blend of Swedish funk, Jamaican tango, Belarusian electro, Nigerian jazz, Venezuelan rock, Danish cumbia, Norwegian and Chinese jungle techno ... and virtually every imaginable genre in between! DJ 99 has performed in a wide range of settings ranging from the Sónar Festival in Barcelona to a small bar on the edge of a Serbian village. In 2007 he was one of only three selected DJs to play at the major music industry WOMEX festival in Seville. In 2005 he reached the finals of the International World Beat DJ Competition in London.

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