Röyksopp to release‘Senior’

The much awaited fourth Röyksopp album, ‘Senior’, sees its release in mid-September. The first reviews are already in.

September 13th sees the release of ‘Senior’, the fourth album from Norwegian electronic meisters Röyksopp, which is described as a moodier brother to 2009’s faster-paced ‘Junior’. Senior is seen as a darker outing contrasting Junior’s upbeat lightness with a more instrumental-heavy approach thick with atmosphere and rich moods.

Writes Röyksopp in a press release: ‘Senior is the introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart to last year's Junior: brim-full with dark secrets and distorted memories, insisting "I'm old, I've got experience..." Senior is furthermore an album about age, horses and being subdued, with devils breathing down your neck.

Each track is equally as important as its predecessor and successor. We feel that none of the tracks should be regarded outside of this context. Quite a "brave"/stupid thing to do in this day & age of iPods and cherrypicking, one might suggest. We couldn't agree more - hell that's even probably why we did it’.

Some reviews of the album have already begun to tick in. Writes BBC Music’s Garry Mulholland: ‘The first strictly instrumental album from Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland is a sumptuously realised journey through the soundscapes of the original masters of 70s synth music. Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder all haunt the lush byways of Senior. Even with stiff competition from Hot Chip, S*** Robot, Grasscut, Underworld, Ninca Leece and LCD Soundsystem, Senior makes a strong claim to be 2010’s best electronic album. It’s a record to lie back and drown in.’

Domestic media is also chiming in, praising an album that is being described as mature and complex but also integral and distinctly Röyksoppesque. Says Robert Gjestad of national daily Aftenposten: I'm once again impressed by Röyksopp's ability to do what they want so thoroughly and stylistically self-confident. Nearly a decade on from their international breakthrough the duo is still up there in the Premier League of international electronica. With ‘Senior’ they write a new chapter in the duo’s musical life by exploring new facets of their music and in doing so they manage to retain their individuality, priming them for another decade in the limelight.’

Röyksopp also recently released a new video for the track The Drug. Says the duo on the film sessions: “This music video was shot in Detroit and involves three girls who are out of place and out of time. We spent a week climbing through various abandoned buildings—a church, school, factory, and crack house. We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped make this music video possible, thank you. please stay tuned for a 10-minute version which features different music from Royksopp’s album ’senior’, coming soon.”

View the video here.

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