Førde 2010: Warg/Buen

Swedish expat Daniel Sandén-Warg and Telemark region native Per Anders Buen Garnås treat the listeners to a mix of steaming fresh, age-old music performed on Jew’s Harp and Hardanger fiddle. The dance tunes virtually burst out of the woodwork and if you listen close you can hear the presence of generations of fiddlers in every bow stroke. Join in on a journey through time that stretches back to the ancient mountain settlements of Tinn and Setesdal regions.

Hardanger fiddle virtuosos Warg and Garnås have struck a musical partnership that has resulted in one of later year’s strongest folk music outings, the applauded Ta:lik release ‘Warg/Buen’. The disc, as well as the duo’s live performances, features blistering interplay as well as powerful solo performances on fiddle, Hardanger Fiddle and Jew’s harp. Per Anders Buen Garnås belongs to a family with longstanding and strong musical traditions and has trained with such heavyweights as Knut Buen, Hallvard T. Bjørgum and Hauk Buen. In contrast to Per Buen Garnås who was literally bottle-fed with a solid dose of traditional Norwegian folk music, Swede Daniel Sandén-Warg’s introduction to the genre came at a later stage. In his teens, Warg stumbled upon a recording of Hardanger Fiddle master Torleiv Bjørgum, got hooked, bought a fiddle and relocated to Norway’s Setesdal valley, determined to immerse himself in the richness of Norwegian traditional folk music. Warg studied with several of the genre’s top performers and has become a proficient performer on Hardanger fiddle, Jew’s harp, fiddle, guitar and nyckelharpa. The joined forces of Warg and Buen results in a partnership that manages to maintain the genre’s strong legacy while simultaneously injecting a solid dose of vitality.

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