a-ha bids goodbye with its North American live audience

Pop icons a-ha has embarked on their 2010 'Ending on a High Note' farewell tour. May sees Norway’s most successful act of all time bidding farewell with fans in Canada and the US.

May 6-16 sees legendary pop trio a-ha heading out on the North American leg of their 'Ending on a High Note' farewell tour.

“It was about time that we reached out a little more,” says a-ha singer Morten Harket of the group’s new album Foot Of The Mountain. Released on 13 July on Universal Music Record Label (URML), the album marks a return to the classic pop sound that made a-ha one of the biggest acts in the world, selling 36 million albums in the process. As keyboard player Magne Furuholmen explains, “It’s an album that incorporates the key elements that first defined the band: soaring vocals, synth hooks, yearning lyrics and melodic melancholia.” Or as guitarist and principal songwriter Paul Waaktaar-Savoy puts it more simply: “I think we got a great collection of songs this time around.”

Last year saw a-ha releasing their last outing, 'Foot of the Mountain' to wide critical acclaim.

A few review excerpts:

Their ninth album 'Foot of the Mountain' is a welcome return to the electronica of their early hits and a glorious reminder of their soaring melodies." BBC Music, July 7

"The kind of album that sounds like it should be No 1 in Germany, which, of course, it was recently." The Guardian, July 12

"Talking about Foot Of The Mountain, which is the group's ninth studio album, [Magne] said: 'It was a real thrill to re-examine our formative elements and use them hopefully in ways that rejuvenates them and makes us move forward as opposed to backward.'" Music News, July 17

A-ha was founded in 1982 by members Magne Furholmen, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and Morten Harket. The group initially rose to fame during the 1980s and has had continued global success in the 1990s and 2000s. The band is the best-selling Norwegian music act of all time. A-ha achieved its biggest success with their debut album, Hunting High and Low, in 1985, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard charts and yielded an international number-one single, "Take on Me", earning the band a Grammy Award nomination as Best New Artist.

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