First JA JA JA 2010 edition

Popular Nordic London club night JA JA JA returns for its 2010 debut with artists such as happening act Simon Says No!

Simon Says No! (2008)

JA JA JA will see its first club night in 2010 on 21 January at the Lexington. The evening will be curated by Sean Adams, editor of the influential online publication Drowned In Sound. For the third time, a Norwegian band is part of the line-up, this time the Oslo-based band Simon Says No!

Simon Says No! consists of Ruben Nesse, Simon Økland, Even Aarebrot and Rolf Mathiesen. “Ahoi de Angst”, the band’s debut EP, was released on Spoon Train Audio in Norway February 2009. After touring Scandinavia and the US, the band is now recording their first album to be released early 2010.

Building on many of the elements found in '90s shoegaze circles, Simon Says No! have been compared with fellow citizens of Oslo such as Serena-Maneesh, The Lionheart Brothers and 120 Days. According to the band, "Every concert is unique. We don't know what happens before it does. Bring your earplugs and join us in our voyage."

The concept of JA JA JA, where the Nordic Music Export offices have got together to showcase some of the best emerging talents from the Nordic countries, was a huge success when launched in November 2009. This time, there is also a possibility to win a trip to Iceland. Visit JA JA JA’s website here and share who your favourite Nordic bands are for a chance to win.

Simon Says No!’s MySpace site

Simon Says No!’s site

Simon Says No!’s Facebook page

Simon Says No! on Spotify

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