Susanna And The Magical Orchestra: 3

Strong reviews for Susanna And The Magical Orchestra’s latest album.

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Susanna & the Magical Orchestra 2009

Late August sees hailed duo Susanna and The Magical Orchestra returning with a follow-up to their acclaimed last album, Melody Mountain which featured a set of covers ranging from Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart to Kiss’ Crazy, Crazy Nights.

The duo’s latest album ‘3’, has a somewhat darker, retro-futuristic edge and features a mix of eight new compositions as well as renditions of Roy Harper´s love song ”Another Day” and Rush´s dark epos ”Subdivisions”

Unlike its predecessors, ‘3’ also features guests including Wildbirds & Peacedrums’ Mariam Wallentin.

Writes the duo’s record label in a press release on the new album: ‘ The instrumentation and the arrangements are more evolving and varied, the words reflecting upon topics such as inner conflicts, human relations, outer space, stars and planets, journeys to unknown galaxies and more. ‘

The first international reviews of the album are now in, below are a few quotes:

‘Norwegian duo prove ’3’ is the magic number’ (Mojo 4/5)

‘Duo with knack for carving classy covers’ (Uncut 4/5)

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