Report claims P2P users buy more music, not less

A report presented this week by the Norwegian School of Management suggests that P2P users buy more, not less legal music.


A new research report from the BI - Norwegian School of Management, suggests that P2P users buy more, not less legal music.

The report which aims to track the purchase patterns of P2P users has already proved controversial in its findings, suggesting as it does that illegal file sharers are more likely to buy music than non-P2P users.

The BI report claims that P2P file sharers are likely to buy ten times as much legal music as people who never download illegally. The Norwegian study looked at almost 2,000 online music users, all over the age of 15.

Says BI’s Audun Molde to Norwegian daily Aftenposten: ‘The most surprising finding of this study is that the percentage of legally downloaded music is so high. The results of the study suggest that legal downloads outnumbers illegal downloads by a wide margin. We also saw that users stating that they were involved in illegal P2P file sharing were in fact the legal download services’ biggest clients.’

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