New MIC Norway director appointed

Martin Revheim, currently the head of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, has been appointed as the new director of the Music Information Centre Norway.

Martin Revheim

MIC Norway’s board of directors appointed on the 25th of February, 35-year old Martin Revheim as the centre’s new director.

Current director of the Music Information Centre Norway, Svein Bjørkås, announced in early January that he would step down from his position by the end of March this year. A hectic recruitment process was quickly initiated, and MIC Norway can now proudly announce Bjørkås’ successor.

Martin Revheim is currently the director of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company’s Radio Orchestra, a position he has held since 2006. Prior to this assignment, Revheim has led the Kongsberg International Jazz Festival and served as a producer with the Norwegian Concert Institute. Revheim’s career in the music sector began with the founding of Oslo’s well-known vibrant, pan-genre club Blå in the late 90s – a live venue that helped spark the development a multitude of styles, acts and companies that successfully fused influences from various genres such as jazz and electronica into a potent and eclectic mix.

Says the Chairman of MIC Norway’s board Elef Nesheim: ‘MIC is very satisfied having secured Revheim as the centre’s new director. He has a solid background from the Norwegian music scene, and this experience is something MIC could benefit from. In later years, MIC has expanded its portfolio to include all genres, and in light of this development, Revheim fits in perfectly. MIC’s board of directors emphasises the importance of further development of MIC’s pan-genre activities, and I feel that Revheim is the right person to lead the institution in the current environment.’

Revheim formally enters his position as new MIC director on the first of September 2009.

Svein Bjørkås, who has led MIC Norway since late 2004, now moves on to take on the position as Head of The University of Oslo’s Department of Musicology, beginning his tenure in April ‘09.

Deputy Director of MIC Norway, Lisbeth Risnes, will be acting director in the interim period.

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