Madcon to release new single in the UK

Following the massive success of their breakthrough single ‘Beggin’, Norwegian hip-hop outfit Madcon set their sights on the UK again with the release of the infectious track ‘Liar’

Madcon: So dark

Norwegian hip-hop duo Madcon, whose debut single ‘Beggin’ spent eight weeks in the UK Top 10 last year, are now set to release their follow up track ‘Liar’.

The single is taken from their multi-platinum album ‘So Dark The Con Of Man’, which has been praised by critics and loved by audiences across Europe. Madcon have been performing for several years and rank as one of Norway’s most popular and influential hip-hop acts. They first gained nationwide recognition with the single ‘Barcelona’, which was a collaboration with another Norwegian hip-hop group, Paperboys, in 2004. Since then Madcon have moved from strength to strength, releasing their debut album and winning their first Norwegian Grammy Award in the same year.

In 2007 they released the single ‘Beggin’, a cover version of The Four Seasons’s & Frankie Valli’s 1967 smash hit. ‘Beggin’ was hugely popular in Norway, becoming the most sold single in 2007. This success led to the single being released in numerous European countries, including the UK. ‘Beggin’ entered the UK charts at number seven and managed to stay in the top 10 for eight weeks. The single also featured in the single charts in Germany, France, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and Belgium during 2008.

Madcon’s second album, ‘So Dark The Con Of Man’, was released in the UK in August 2008, and received favourable reviews. The BBC described the album as a ‘mish-mash of genres, mixing live instrumentation, female vocals and dance beats in a way more reminiscent of the eclectic approach of Outkast or Gnarls Barkley’. Their latest single, ‘Liar’, has also been praised by critics in the UK. The Guardian labelled the tune as ‘summery pleasantness’, while the Daily Star compared their sound to that of Amy Winehouse, and highlighted their ‘soulful hip-hop’ and ‘Motown-infused vibe’.

‘Liar’ has performed well on Scandinavian radio charts and it looks as if the European reception will be equally as positive as radio giant NRJ has given the single solid backing.

‘Liar’ will be released on February 23 and can also be downloaded from iTunes.

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