Don’t Stop

Despite parting ways with major record label Island Records last year, Annie is still set to release her sophomore album titled ’Don’t Stop’ this year.

Annie 2009

Last autumn, Berlin-based pop icon Annie parted ways with Island Records, delaying plans for the release of the follow up to 2004’s successful debut ‘Anniemal’ which spawned such hits as Heartbeat and Chewing Gum.

In a recent interview with Annie reveals that she is indeed forging ahead with plans to release her second album (titled ‘Don’t Stop’) sometime in 2009: "I own the masters, so I can do whatever I want to do. I might do it myself, on my own label," she tells "We're talking to people too. There's so much happening in the business right now. In a way, I feel to do things on your own, you're in control. I've always been this sort of artist that people don't know how to categorize me and what to do with me."

As for "Don't Stop," the album was originally slated to include 12 tracks, but Annie says that could change, as she's completed close to 60 songs.

In the Billboard interview Annie also reveals that the album’s format is still not settled. With a multitude of strong tracks to choose from, Annie is considering releasing a double album "It's sort of a template," she says of the original album version intended for a major label release. "I actually have enough for two albums, so I don't know if I'm going to put out the one as it is, and one right after, or just some songs as ['Don't Stop'] with a couple that no one's heard. But I want to release a lot [this] year."

Two singles, "Anthonio" and "My Love Is Better," are scheduled for a first quarter 2009 release.

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