Enslaved heads out on european tour

Following the release of Enslaved’s critically acclaimed album ‘Vertebrae’, Norway’s finest extreme metallers heads out on an extensive European tour.

Enslaved live at Popkomm 2008 (Photo: Tomas Lauvland Pettersen /MIC)

November 6 marks the start of Enslaved’s extensive late-autumn tour which also features fellow Bergen outfit Audrey Horne as support act. The extensive tour brings the progressive extreme metal outfit to countries such as Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the UK.

Enslaved is a band renowned for their musical integrity as this shines through the evolution of their records and their will to explore and experiment. The band’s breakthrough came with the album ‘Isa’ in 2004, while the ‘Ruun’ album from 2006 was the record that truly put them on the global map of metal and extreme music. Last fall The New York Times joined Enslaved for a leg of their American tour last autumn, and concluded that “one need not be a metal fan to enjoy being blown away by the band’s epic and elegant music.”

Earlier this autumn Enslaved released ‘Vertebrae’ to critical acclaim at home throughout Europe via Norwegian label Indie. Late October saw the album being released on the North American market through Nuclear Blast USA.

The live dates for Enslaved’s Vertebrae tour are found in the calendar section.

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