Lukestar heads out on European tour

Hailed indie outfit Lukestar celebrates the European launch of their acclaimed ‘Lake Toba’ album with a much-anticipated tour.

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Lukestar, the power-pop/indie-rock band that made their record debut back in 2004 with Alpine Unit, have been one of the most talked about acts in 2008, due to their acclaimed second outing Lake Toba.

Astral and somewhat enigmatic, Lukestar’s music stands out in the densities of their genre. ‘Lake Toba’ was released in Norway in January and in Japan in March.

September ’08 sees the European release of Lukestar’s ‘Lake Toba’ on the following dates:

Germany/Austria/Switzerland - Sept 19th - Riptide Recordings

Denmark - Sept 22nd - Tuba/Bonnier

UK - Sept 22nd - Tuba/Backs/Shellshock

France - Sept 22nd-RocksMyAssRecords

Belgium/Holland - Sept 22nd - Tuba/Berthus

Spain - Sept 22nd - Arindelle Records

Late September/early October sees Lukestar touring France and Spain in support of the release of ‘Lake Toba’ – concert dates are found in MICs calendar.

Wrote’s Stephen M Deusner of Lukestar and Lake Toba earlier this year:

( ) a solid collection of pulsing indie-rock songs with half-shouted hooks and guitars unwinding like fractal art. Opener "White Shade" and "The Shade You Hide" are Wrensy frenzies of manic guitars propelled by drummer Jørgen Smådal Larsen's tricky rhythms and imaginative fills. "The Clouds Tell" offers a floating-in-space interlude before the band blast off again on the zig-zagging "In a Hologram". Still, the album winds down as it proceeds: Lukestar can't maintain that creative intensity, letting the hooks soften and the arrangements lose some of their purposefulness.

Another view on Lukestar from

Lukestar’s pop sound is an otherworldly one; seemingly taking as much inspiration from Mediaeval mythical creatures as they do from power-math-rock. Riffs and fairies never sounded so good together as they do here. (Recommended track of the week Nov 9th 2007.)

Lukestar's MySpace site

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