UK Top five for Madcon

Norwegian hip-hop outfit Madcon continues its UK campaign. Currently they’re on the UK top five with their hugely successful single Beggin.

Madcon: So dark

This week sees Madcon entering top five in the fifth European country since the release of their massively successful single Beggin as Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam climbs from No. 7 to 5 on the UK sales charts.

Beggin also continues to climb the UK R n’ B singles charts, currently placing second only outperformed by Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown’s No Air.

Radio and TV circulation is also increasing as witnessed by Beggin climbing from no. 15 to 14 on the UK Radio Airplay Chart and from 17th to 9th on the TV Airplay Chart.

Says Bonnier Amigo’s (Madcon’s Scandinavian label) Ronnie Klaussen to Norwegian music industry publication Faro Journalen: -In addition to their sales charts listings, Madcon is number one at the Music Week pop chart, first at the MixMag cool cuts list, no. 1 at the MixMag Ibiza buzz chart and second on the UK iTunes video download chart as well as fourth at iTunes UK sales charts.

Parallel to Madcon’s UK success, the charismatic duo continues to climb the French sales charts and is currently on the top of the digital download sales charts and second on the national radio charts. In addition to a first spot on the sales charts in their native Norway, Madon have placed second in Turkey, fifth in Poland, seventh in Germany and Austria, ninth in Hungary and tenth in Russia.

Currently, Madcon holds a 12th spot on Nielsen Music Control’s European radio charts as well as a 8th spot at the NRJ Euro Hot 30.

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