Where You Go I Go Too

Lindstrøm’s much anticipated proper debut; “Where You Go I Go Too” is finally ready to hit record store shelves next week.

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August 18th sees the much anticipated release of Norway’s producer par-extraordinaire Lindstrøm’s debut album “Where You Go I Go Too” (Smalltown Supersound). The album is the producer’s proper debut in album format, and comes as a natural follow-up to a long list of highly successful singles, a ton of remixes for a number of high profile artists as well as 2006’s applauded singles compilation “It’s a Feedelity Affair”.

The album has already garnered a number of positive reviews, including a 5/5 verdict in the latest issue of DJ Magazine which describes the album as “a modern electronic masterpiece”.

The Guardian also praises “Where You Go I Go Too” this week, awarding the release a 4 out of 5 in its review: "Having kick-started the cosmic disco rebirth, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is now expanding it - in every sense. Where You Go I Go Too is a suite of three epic, shape-shifting tracks that take his key influences (Cerrone, Moroder) and build skyscrapers on them. Sometimes Lindstrøm rings his changes with flair, such as the introduction, seven minutes into the half-hour-long opening track, of a dramatic synth melody slashing through the clouds, or the triumphant handclaps, 17 minutes later. Other shifts are almost imperceptible, such as the tempo changes and the gradual layering of sounds that set the scene for the record's many peaks. Where You Go I Go Too is a triumph of sound design, as impeccably crafted as a Starck chair - and as geared to comfort, too. Every aspect of the record seems tailor-made to produce maximum pleasure: washes of sound soothe and restore, melodic climaxes send blood rushing to the head. Lindstrøm recommends listening while travelling; indeed, Where You Go I Go Too would make even the most hellish of journeys seem like a first-class trip."

The first domestic reviews of “Where You Go I Go Too” have also begun to tick in, one of the most positive ones being national Daily Dagsavisen which awards the release six out of six stars and sticking to the Olympic theme, declares that Lindstøm has won gold in the nu-disco event.

Lindstrøm first rose to international recognition under the artist name Slow Supreme and the spearheading, jazzy, feelgood track Granada which was championed by the likes of Giles Peterson and Francois Kevorkian and featured on a long list of various compilation albums.

Owing to solid craftsmanship and an uncanny ability to create aesthetic and coherent soundscapes, Lindstrøm’s standing on the international electronic scene was steadily solidified in the following years. The success of his infamous I Feel Space track, a modern classic in its own right, led to remix work for such artists as Franz Ferdinanc and LCD Soundsystem as well as DJ appearances at the world’s club hot-spots. A highly successful partnership with fellow Norwegian producer Prins Thomas resulted in 2005’s critically acclaimed album “Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas – L&PT” on Belgian label Eskimo.

2006 saw the release of a compilation of some of Lindstrøm’s most successful singles under the title “It’s a Feedelity Affair” (Feedelity being the name of Lindstrøm’s own label). One of the many publications to award the release a glowing review was Pitchforkmedia.com which in its 8,5 out of 10 review statet that "This collection of the Norwegian producer's best-loved 12" tracks succintly demonstrates why both he and his epic space-disco sound has been among the most ubiquitous forces in modern dance music. The compilation largely foregoes the multi-hued fragrancy and soft-rock glide of Lindstrøm's recent work with frequent partner Prins Thomas in favour of ostentatiously astral motifs (particularly roaming, noodly synth solos) and more pronounced dancefloor grooves". Stated Uncut’s Piers Martin in his 4/5 review: “From Norway comes the scene`s poster-boy, Hans-Peter Lindstrom, remixer of Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem. An unshaven C&W fan and rugged outdoors type, Lindstrom`s intuitive, organic approach to disco and funk is celebrated on It`s A Feedelity Affair, a joyous round-up of the vinyl only singles on his Feedelity imprint. Lindstrom plays real instruments, samples himself, picks out melodies on guitar - and there is more than a hint of Moroder to the celestial twirls of "Music On My Mind".

Whereas “It’s a Feedelity Affair” was a collection of singles produced by Lindstrøm from 2003 to 2006, “Where You Go I Go Too” represents a more coherent and ambitious production approach, as witnessed by the album’s three (!) tracks which range in length from 10 to 29 minutes each. On “Where You Go I Go Too” continues to explore the universe of space disco, a sub-genre which has become synonymous with the Oslo-based producer which manages to come up with long, dreamy and repetitive and multi-layered tracks that never bores the listener.

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