Norwegian telco launches unlimited free music trial service

Norwegian mobile phone service provider NetCom launches a three-month trial to offer free unlimited mobile-music downloads.

NetCom FreeMusic logo

June 2nd saw NetCom, the Norwegian subsidiary of Swedish telco giant Telia Sonera launching a three month trial to offer free unlimited mobile-music downloads.

NetCom Free Music shares some similarity in concept to Nokia’s Comes With Music service – an effort that is due to kick off later this year, with its free offer lasting 12 months.

NetCom FreeMusic, however, is a three-month pilot that gives subscribers access to a catalog of 50 000 tracks from Universal Music Group International.

The project involves a selection of handsets from several mobile manufacturers. Each device will come accompany a voucher with a text number that will direct users to a mobile Internet site. Once customers log in they can download as many of the participating tracks as they want and keep them indefinitely. Downloaded tracks are locked to the handset and cannot be transferred to another phone, computer or music player.

At the end of the tree month trial, NetCom will evaluate consumer response and determine how to proceed on a commercial basis.

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