Bit20 to UK festival

One of Norway’s finest contemporary music ensembles, Bergen’s Bit20, is set to play Birmingham’s unique technology/music festival in early June.

BIT 20 Ensemble

The Bit20 Ensemble is a musician-run ensemble with a surprisingly varied programme of activities, including a series of cultural exchange projects that have brought the ensemble to the far corners of the world. Bit20 prides itself in presenting only music of the highest quality.

Bit20’s Birmingham performance will be conducted by Christian von Gehren and the programme includes a world premiere of a new work by Michele Tadini, Asbjørn Schaathun’s "S" Miniature for ensemble” and “Our Whisper woke no clocks “ as well as Henrik Hellsetnius’ “Hi Ophelia!”.

Integra 2008, which is an international festival and conference, fusing music and technology, has a three-day programme of European live electronic music, with a focus on a mixed media performance, and an international conference ‘solving the tension between musicians and technology’, including presentations by some of the leading composers, researchers, and artistic decision makers working in the field of music and technology.

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