New single from Annie

Norwegian queen of electro pop Annie has posted a new single on her myspace site.


“I know your girlfriend hates me” will be released as a single in July, as a foretaste of her upcoming album “Don’t stop.” But already now the song is available on her myspace site.

Since the fantastic success of her album Anniemal, from 2004/5, and international hits with “Chewing Gum” and “Heartbeat,” Annie has kept a fairly low profile. But not of the kind that signifies sliding into oblivion. Rather, with Annie, the silence has simply meant growing curiosity and expectations. For she is that kind of artist; one who is simply so clever and cool, that everyone knows that staying low is a sign of great things to come.

And now the first taste of what is to come is here: “I know your girlfriend hates me” is definitely Annie, with the same light-hearted, catchy melody and the same sweetly hissing electro pop production as before. Again the producer is Richard X.

Annie’s highly anticipated album “Don’t stop” is rumoured to be due for release in September.

Listen to "I know your girlfriend hates me" here:

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