2007 sales down 4%

Not surprisingly, last year’s sales of phonograms on the Norwegian market continued its downward spiral. 2007 sales were down 4% compared to 2006.

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The latest sales figures from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors confirm the trend felt in most markets, sales of physical units continue their negative trend. Last year saw 10,4m physical units shifted on the domestic market resulting in a turnover of NOK 658m ($ 121.8m/€ 85.5m), representing a decrease in sales of 4%. Digital downloads accounted for a 6% stake in the market.

Sales of physical albums fell with 6% compared with 2006 while sales of singles fell with a whopping 45%. As a contrast, digital downloads soared with 64% in value last year compared with the preceding year.

The December sales figures made for rather depressing reading - total sales were down 12% compared with December 2006. Sales of physical units were down 13% while digital downloads rose with 20%. December also saw sales of physical singles down 12% in value while Music DVDs were down 47% in value compared to 2006.

These were the market shares for the domestic Norwegian music market in 2007:

Universal 28,6%

Sony BMG 18,7%

EMI 13,4%

Warner 11,1%

Bonnier Amigo/Tuba 6,6%

MO 4,2%

Master Music/Naxos 3,7%

MBO/Nordisk Film 3,7%

Playground 2,8%

VME 2,8%

Bare Bra Musikk/Tylden 2,9%

KKV 1,8%

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