November recession

Following a few months of rising sales, things are now back to normal. Sales figures are pointing downwards again in November.

Following a few autumn months with slightly rising sales on the domestic market, it’s back to normal in November with red numbers in the books. The latest sales figures from the association show that overall music sales fell 4% in November compared to 2006. These figures includes both physical units as well as digital downloads – sales of physical units were down 4% in October while downloads rose with 10%.

Sales of singles fell 39% in value while sales of music DVDs increased 5% in value in October.

So far in 2007, 9,3m physical units have been shifted, resulting in a turnover of NOK 574m. Digital downloads account for a NOK 38m turnover. Overall sales so far in 2007 are down 3% compared to last year.

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