Grammys for Stargate?

2007 has been a spectacular year for the New York-based Norwegian producer duo Stargate, i.e Tor erik hermasen and Mikkel S. Eriksen. Now regarded perhaps the most important producers around, their breakthrough year in American music is summed up by their five (!) Grammy nominations.

Stargate's Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen (photo by Wireimage/Jeffrey Mayer)

First of all it’s Beyoncé’s number one hit Irreplaceable we’re talking about; one of those songs that still seems to reverberate omnipresent because it’s there in your head, if not in the airwaves. Produced by Stargate and written by Norwegians Espen Lind and Amund Bjørklund, the nomination in the prestigious “Record of the year” category (not to be confused with Album of the year) could almost be “Norwegian record of the year,” were it not for the nationality of Beyoncé Knowles.

Beyoncé is also nominated in the category “best pop vocal collaboration” for another Stargate produced (and co-written) track, Beautiful liar, which she sang so memorably with Shakira.

The other great Stargate triumph of 2007 was the collaboration with Rihanna. From the album “Good Girl Gone Bad” two Stargate-produced songs are shortlisted: Don’t stop the music, for best dance track, and Hate that I love you, for both best R&B track and best R&B duet, as it features Rihanna with Ne-Yo.

With no less than five nominations then, for the worlds most important music awards, it is very likely indeed that the Norwegian producers extraordinary will collect some material proof or their outstanding year in Music.

The happening takes place on February 10th.

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