Waterfall presents Lorraine

Norwegian Waterfall Records presents the Norwegian big sounding electro rockers Lorraine at a special night at London’s Monto Water Rats. The occasion is the upcoming release of the band’s new limited single “Saved” which will be out on December 10th.

Lorraine summer 2006

The single, promises the band’s web-site, is the first in a string of releases leading up to the much-anticipated debut album which will hit the streets in the spring of 2008. Already a by-word for imminent success in Norway the band is now gaining momentum in Britain, which is their principle market after having been picket up by Sony BMG UK. This deal came to pass following a joint venture program between Waterfall and Sony BMG, which entails waterfall developing five bands a year and Sony BMG signing at least two per year in Britain.

Last fall the band won the prestigious ‘Best Electronic Artist’ award at UK’s BT Digital Music Awards in London and saw their first entry on the charts. 2007 has been spent recording their album, which they admit, has taken longer than expected.

“We are part 1985 and part 2020” says Lorraine, and they are, in their own words, conveyors of big songs, with big sound; the vehicle of big atmosphere. In their view the combination of the “oversized,” with the delicate and stunningly beautiful, which are other traits of their music, creates a “dark positivity”. This state supposedly refers to the “truthfulness that belongs to the dream world”, a sub-stratum that becomes “darkly positive” when molten and poured into music.

The Gig at Monto Water Rats, on November 27th, is the last chance to see Lorraine before the happening year of 2008. Tickets are selling fast so one should not miss one’s chance, for next year seeing them live will most likely entail a lot more queuing.

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