Wrapping it up for the summer

As the last posting on MIC’s news service before the July break, we hereby wish you all a radiant and musical summer. We resume our coverage of Norwegian artists, records and events in August.


With most of Western Europe dominated by a very persistent low pressure, one may feel that it is October and not July that has just begun. As weather well suited for indulging indoors, some will perhaps be only happy to start prematurely the rotation of their autumnal melancholy records, and had the major labels known they would have released some of their upcoming dusky fall gems already now. But for most it is a different kind of emotion that has been put into gear; and musically it’s the beach party dancing, the wind-in-hair car tune escapism and the velvety suave night songs that we want. So let’s hope that with the laying down of work here at MIC the atmospheric pressures will shift and the sun will reach us where summer is best, which is of course in the citric North West.

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