Release date for new Turbonegro album confirmed

Release date and title for Turbonegro’s follow up to ‘Party Animals’ have been confirmed. ‘Retox’ hits the streets on 13th of June.


One of Norway’s top rock acts, Turbonegro, recently announced release details for their upcoming follow-up to their successful ‘Party Animals’. ‘Retox’, Turbonegro’s third album since the band’s 2003 reunification, is scheduled for release on 13th of June.

‘Retox’ will be released domestically trough Sonet/Universal Music, in Scandinavia through Playground while the rest of Europe is covered through a licence agreement with Edel.

Says Turbonegro guitarist Rune Grønn aka Rune Rebellion on the band’s international distribution/licensing strategy: ‘It’s a matter of having total control of your music. We’re in a position where we can cover all recording expenses out of our own pocket, and this enables us to choose whatever solution is best for the band.’

Grønn is also the band’s co-manager and heads UMG imprint/distribution outlet Sonet. Establishing a distribution network for Turbonegro’s next album has been a lengthy process according to Grønn: ‘Japan and the US release dates will be this autumn and I’ve also recently confirmed release for the Australian market.’

May and June sees Turbonegro playing a number of live shows in Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium and the UK. Dates and venue info can be found below.

Turbonegro’s MySpace site features tasters from the band’s upcoming album, including their current single Do You Do You Dig Destruction.

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