BBC runs Punkt Festival focus

BBC Radio 3’s Late Night Junction focuses on Kristiansand’s vibrant Punkt festival this week.


This week sees BBC Radio 3’s radio programme Late Night Junction focussing on Kristiansand’s vibrant Punkt Festival.

The Punkt festival, now in its third year, combines the performances of some of the world's most interesting musicians with the concept of Live Remix (instant deconstruction/remixing) of the concerts, which the audience may experience immediately after each concert. BBC Music Magazine wrote last year: "Norway has done it again! My award for this year's most innovative festival goes to Punkt."

Punkt 07, which runs from 30th of August to 1st of September, will consist of 12 main stage concerts, 12 Live Remixes, 12 commissioned works and a lecture series with several of the world's greatest capacities on the music forms represented at the festival.

Acts booked to play Punkt 07 will be announced from mid-March onwards at

Punkt also has a Myspace site up and running.

Read more on Late Junction’s Punkt programmes here. Streams of the programmes will be available for a week after being published.

A long, thorough and very positive article on last year’s Punkt can be found here.

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