Heroes & Zeros

Declared one of the “winners” of the 2006 by:Larm in Tromsø – vital trio Heroes & Zeros returns to this year’s showcase festival with their debut album in the bag and a solid dose of confidence after a banner year on the domestic scene.

A banner year: Declared one of the “winners” of last year’s by:Larm by national media, Heroes & Zeros seems to have done everything by the book since the trio took to the stage in Tromsø a year ago. A packed domestic tour, festival gigs and a major record deal have been some of the ingredients in a very eventful year:

- The massive feedback after our gigs at last year’s by:Larm came as a surprise for us says Heroes & Zeros front man Hans Jørgen Undelstvedt. We travelled to Tromsø as a relatively unknown Zoom-winning band but returned as a much more established act. In the year that has followed since our by:Larm debut, everything has fallen into place; we’ve now got a good management, a booking company and we’ve signed to Universal Norway. We toured the country as part of the Zoom tour last year and we did a couple of great festival appearances as well. I think we could be safe to say that it’s been an eventful year!

Wall of sound: Heroes & Zeros’ distinct sound sets them apart from most of their domestic peers with a broad sonic palette that sounds distinctly un-Norwegian featuring liberal use of distorted bass, atmospheric guitar work and instantly identifiable vocal lines. Heroes & Zeros cites bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Sonic Youth and Jesus & The Mary Chain as main inspirational sources. Despite being a trio, the outfit manages to conjure up a mighty sound on stage and more than one concert goer has been spotted craning his neck to search for that invisible extra guitarist or keyboardist that is nowhere to be seen.

New album: Late April will see the release of the band’s (still untitled) debut album through Universal Norway. – Last year’s hectic touring has really refined our sound. We’re much more focused on how we want sound now, and how we don’t want to sound for that matter! It’s a balancing act, having to juggle the desire for a huge sound with the need for a more stripped-down soundscape that’s actually possible to play live. But we feel that we’ve manage to strike a good balance between the grandiose and the compact – we’re confident that the end result is going to turn out great!

International focus: Even if the tight-knit trio is progressing well along its career path, Undelstvedt still feels that the band can achieve a lot by playing by:Larm: - We’re really hoping that some of the international delegates will come to see us. It will be a natural progression to focus on the international market once we’re relatively well established at home and by:Larm would be a great venue to incite some interest in the band among international music execs.

The H&Z front-man is eager to hit the by:Larm stage: “This will be great. The local audience is fantastic - no other Norwegian city shares Trondheim’s passion for rock!

Thu 8 Feb – 21:30 DORA –U-02 K19

by:Larm 2007:

Montee - This year’s H&Z?

One of the contenders for the “hot by:Larm act 2007” award is Oslo collective Montee who has caused quite a stir since the outfit’s conception early last year.

Timeless west-coastesque pop with multi-layered harmony vocals and one of the best rhythm sections around are the perfect ingredients for a steadily growing hype that seems utterly justified.

The line-up reads as a who’s who of Oslo’s hottest: Anders Tjore (The Turns, Apricot) vocals, guitar - Erlend Mokkelbost (KILLL, ex JR Ewing) guitar, vocals - Maya Vik (Furia, Savoy, Elvin Friendly) bass, vocals - Andreas Bye (Bugge Wesseltofts New Conception Of Jazz, Elvira Nikolaisen) drums.

Their by:Larm gig will be crowded – be there.

Thu 8 Feb – 21:00 DORA – U-01 Red October
Fri 9 Feb – 01:00 Blæst


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