Norwegian Jazz Night in Copenhagen

JazzX, the export division of Mid-Norwegian Center of Jazz, presents four strong acts; Maria Kannegaard Trio, Humcrush, Bol and DJ Espen Horne at July’s Norwegian Jazz Night in Copenhagen.

Norwegian Jazz Night in Copenhagen flyer

JazzX, the export division of Mid-Norwegian Center of Jazz, proudly presents in collaboration with The Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen and the Norwegian Jazz Federation, "NORWEGIAN Norwegian Jazz Night" at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2006. On Saturday 8th of July, Stengade 30 will be filled with the finest Norwegian jazz music of today. The”Norwegian Jazz Night” features four vibrant acts with a solid international standing and highly integral forms of expression.

Maria Kannegaard Trio


The name chosen for the debut album of the Maria Kannegaard Trio of the year 2000, "breaking the surface," was not entirely absurd: the effect was an extremely positive response. It was widely publicised that the play of Maria Kannegaard, who was born in Denmark and is now living in Norway, would remind one very much of Keith Jarret and Bill Evans. A comparison, not necessarily a disparagement. In the meantime, the Trio allowed itself five years before their second strike, namely "Quiet Joy," again with an appropriate title – a title which conveys the trio´s obvious delight over the growing attention they have received in the meantime. Quiet Joy has been published on Jazzland Records, the label of the daring Bugge Wesselhoft, whose feeling for talent and expressiveness sometimes borders on eeriness. The programme of Maria Kannegaards's trio consists almost exclusively of their own imaginative productions, albeit in many places anything but reserved or quiet. Rondomagazine raves about the music with words much like these: At one moment it sounds like Bill Evans having the hiccups, at another like Thelonious Monk in Morse code (...) or like gumbo-backbeat when the drums peu à peu are losing all of their metal parts. That's one of many ways to describe the incredibly surprising style and positive craziness in the music of the Maria Kanneegaard Trio.

“I immediately sat up and noticed Maria Kannegaard the first time I heard her … She was playing beautiful tunes, and then there was something about the way she was improvising. Something well defined, conscious, well-thought through: … she speaks to me with music so soulful it leaves one with a massive impression, but at the same time this music possesses an inner calm. … the most original trio-debut in Norwegian jazz for a long time.” - Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen



Humcrush is chockfull of astonishingly vigorous interplay at the same time as it assimilates the influence of oriental theatre music, techno, krautrock and free jazz in a whirlwind processional that's much more than the sum of its parts.

The interplay here is close to perfect. The progressive drive at show makes ”Humcrush” one of the best albums released by Rune Grammofon. The addictive riffing in ”Pusher” is excellent proof of this quality. Out of a cunning toneplay comes one of the most catching dance tracks I´ve heard in quite so time. It can be difficult to catch exactly what this duo is doing within the framework of concrete notions. This is precisely what makes the music so interesting. During the 40 minutes the record lasts we are touching a number of styles and directions from strange avant garde to funk.
Panorama (NO)

Listen to and download Humcrush audio here.



bol's music is a hybrid beyond limits traditionally defined as jazz, with compositions ranging from catchy melodies through composed ”chamber music” to open sketches. By different frameworks bol is experimenting with a mix of acoustic and electronic soundscapes using improvised loops, noise and effects, with expressions as tight and loose, lyrical and rough, fragile and powerful...

“SilverSun is a haunting, spine-tingling masterwork that is impossible to forget. And it´s easily one of the finest platters to emerge from the fertile landscape of Scandinavia this year.”
Kevin Renick, Playback Stl

Listen to and download Bol audio here.

DJ Espen Horne


The man behind acts like Bobby Huges Combination(Stereo Deluxe) and kinny and Horne (Tru Thoughts), DJ and producer Espen Horne, heats the dancefloor with the mix of jazz, funk, latin & hip-hop.

“Bobby Hughes is a true nordic renaissance man. He not only can look back on to a career as a professional soccer player, sheppard and nordic funkateer, he is also able to hold a lengthy report on scandinavian design of the sixties or a top recipe for moose-filets. He's a real allrounder, and added to it all produces great music. However the only thing is: Bobby Hughes is an alter ego - of a man with no lesser talent, the DJ and producer Espen Horne.

Further info is available at the JazzX site

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